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Apollo RV Service & Repair provides unique servicing and repairs with dedicated manufacturer trained technician specialising in all facets of Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan and 4WD vehicles.

Our passion for RV and 4WD touring has helped to design and build a 5000sqm state-of-the-art workshop on Brisbane’s northside, offering mechanical and structural upgrades, 12v and 240v modifications and certification as well as custom fabrication work all in house. We take pride in and stand behind all our work, maintaining your vehicle in a safe and monitored environment.

Apollo RV Service & Repair have a one-on-one approach meaning our dedicated technicians will be solely focused on your vehicle from start to finish. This approach allows our technicians to understand your vehicle’s unique characteristics in order to maximise specific improvements. Bookings are essential for all work to allow our technician and mechanics 100% focus on work at hand.

Before commencing any work, we like to get to know your vehicle and will diagnose its health to ensure that any work requested will not pose issues to reliability. Recommendations on the best course of repair can then be made based off our vast experience and expertise in RV’s.  



RV technician working on a vehicle

Motorhome and Van Bike Rack

  • Bike Racks Installation
  • Our service technicians can assist you with bike rack installations and repairs

Motorhome and Van Storage box

  • Storage Box Installation
  • We install storage boxes for your Home or Van as well as custom manufacturing storage boxes as required by our customers

Vehicle Reseals

  • Avoid leaks in your caravan, if possible, by being proactive and checking your seals - If you are getting water leaks, it may be time to reseal your van

Bearing & Brake Service

  • General yearly servicing and upgrades

Renovation & Upgrades

  • If you are ready to upgrade or renovate your home or caravan, we can assist with a range of ideas and great pricing to change the look of your van

New Vehicle Orientation Service

  • Ask us about our new caravan owner induction program to get first time owners confident

Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Ready to buy caravan but would like a second professional opinion so you know what you are buying? Give us a call