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We stock a wide variety of RVs at our Geelong dealership, ready to be viewed and driven away. We have caravans, motorhomes, and campervans from our five Apollo brands—Winnebago, Windsor, Coromal, Talvor, and Adria, which gives you plenty of choice and helps you to find a vehicle that is perfect for your Australian adventures.

As one of Australia’s original RV companies, we have spent decades honing our manufacturing processes, and now build some of the strongest, safest, and most reliable vehicles in the country. Quality is at the heart of our business, because we know how important a safe vehicle is for you and your family, as well as a vehicle that has all of the crucial amenities you need for happy travelling. With the hard work done, all that’s left to do is to take your Apollo RV to Australia’s most gorgeous locations, confident in the knowledge that you have a high-quality, reliable vehicle.


RVs For Sale In Geelong | Lots Of Brands, Plenty Of Stock

Our stocked Geelong dealership includes a large selection of new and used RVs from our five Apollo brands, as well as vehicles from other RV companies. They come from a mixture of local Geelong stock, as well as our wider national network, providing you with lots of choice and a good chance of finding your ideal RV. There’s a variety of vehicle types—campervans, caravans, and motorhomes—with various sizes, price ranges, and amenities.

An Apollo RV can provide you with the outdoor lifestyle that is cherished by so many Australians. Our colossal Pacific island happens to be one of the most spectacular countries in the world, with gigantic, ancient rainforests, postcard-perfect waterfalls, and golden beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. These jaw-dropping locations are often accompanied by campsites, all waiting to be explored in your Apollo vehicle. You can take the comfortable (and necessary) amenities of home to the most incredible parts of Australia, and experience its beauty in happy comfort. There’s no better way to explore our magnificent country.

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Get advice from the most knowledgeable caravan and RV experts in Geelong. Tell them what you’re looking for, and they can guide you through our range of available vehicles based on your preferred size, budget, and features, so that you can quickly find an RV you love. You can also talk to them about financing, warranties, upgrades, accessories, and any other key questions you might have. Our goal is to help you find an RV that you is perfect for you.

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"A really terrific handover experience. A great van at a great price.

James Fisher





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"Helpful and knowledgeable sales staff."

Deborah Crompton


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"Great service and love the campervan I'm getting next month​."

Angela Goodwin


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"Absolutely the best service I have ever had."

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Caravans For Sale In Geelong | Functional, Beautiful Layouts

At our Geelong dealership, we stock a large variety of Apollo caravans, in addition to vehicles from other RV manufacturers. We have vehicles of various sizes, from smaller 2-person caravans for couples, to much larger 5-person caravans that can become comfortable living spaces for families. 


Our designers work tirelessly to create layouts that are incredibly usable, using every square centimetre of space to make travelling as comfortable as possible. Our caravans are practical, livable, and ultra-comfortable, so that you can have amazing holidays with your family.

With so many national parks close to Geelong, you can pack your Apollo caravan and get your kids to experience something crucially important: the great outdoors. Our modern world is filled with flashing, noisy, and endlessly distracting screens, which can be hypnotising for our kids (as well as us). You can break the spell by showing them the wonders of Australia—bird-filled rainforests, roaring waterfalls, great limestone apostles that rise out of the ocean, and so much more. An Apollo caravan lets you take your kids to some of the gorgeous places in Victoria (and beyond), providing them with crucial experiences that can shape them as human beings.

When it comes to safety, we ensure that every Apollo caravan passes Australia’s strict RV legislation, which includes the Road Vehicle Standards Act, and Australian Design Rules standards. This makes us RVMAP accredited and licensed—the official RV stamp of approval for safety and security.


Motorhomes For Sale In Geelong | The Ultimate Way To Travel

Drop by our Geelong dealership and browse our range of luxury motorhomes. We have vehicles from our brands Windsor and Winnebago, in addition to vehicles from other Australian manufacturers.

Motorhomes are the most desirable way to tour Australia.  

They are the largest and most feature-packed vehicles in our range, with genius layouts that make the best possible use of space, allowing you to spread out and savour your travelling home. With so much more space to work with, our motorhomes come with the crucial features and amenities you need for touring the country, including stocked kitchens, lots of comfortable seats, showers, televisions, and more. At Apollo, we make sombe of the highest-quality motorhomes in Australia, and you can find many of them at our Geelong showroom.

We manufacture our motorhomes using state-of-the-art composite fibreglass construction methods. They are made from a single fibreglass and aluminium frame without any seams or joints. This allows us to create a super-strong, lightweight vehicle that can safely carry you around Australia, with excellent insulation to protect you from the elements.


Campervans For Sale In Geelong | Buy New & Used Campervans

If you’d prefer a bigger vehicle that doesn’t need to be towed, we have a wide range of new and used campervans at our Geelong dealership. We stock vehicles from our three Apollo brands—Windsor, Talvor, and Winnebago—as well as vehicles from other manufacturers, providing you with plenty of choice to find a campervan that is perfect for you. 

Apollo’s campervans are built on vehicles from renowned manufacturers such as Mercedes, Toyota, Renault, and Fiat. We select these manufacturers and their vehicles based on their durability, strength, fuel-efficiency, and other key factors, before transforming them into practical, beautiful campervans that you can proudly call your second home. This careful selection allows us to create reliable, high-performing campervans that can carry you to every corner of Australia.

All of our campervans include a full warranty, which gives you peace of mind while you’re driving around the country. We will happily fix any warranty-covered issues with your campervan at one of our nationwide service centres.


Enhance Your RV With Upgrades And Customisations

If you’ve found an Apollo RV that you adore, but it’s missing something crucial, we can offer a number of upgrades to complete it. Common upgrades include bigger water tanks, solar panels to stay powered wherever you go, upgraded water heaters, WiFi boosters, and many more. 

We sell plenty of accessories as well, to make your journeys a little more enjoyable. They include privacy curtains, venetian blinds, cutlery drawers, awning lamps, LED gauges for keeping track of your waste or water, and lots more. You can browse our full range on our accessories page.





FAQs | Campervans, Motorhomes & Caravans For Sale In Geelong

We realise that the RV lifestyle requires meticulous budgeting and planning. That’s why we offer a variety of financing options, so you can find the right one that suits your unique situation. These are arranged through our partner 360 Finance.

If you talk to us about what you can afford, we’ll let you know how you can proceed with the financing. When you’ve decided, we’ll set everything up for you, and give you the keys for your exciting new Apollo RV.

We stock all five Apollo brands at our Geelong dealership: Adria, Coromal, Winnebago, Windsor, and Talvor. We also keep second-hand RVs from other manufacturers, which provides you with a large variety of choice when browsing the showroom, and helps you to discover an RV that is ideal for you.

Every one of our RVs are registered and include an up-to-date roadworthy. We can also arrange insurance if you need to, through one of our partners.

We request a 10% deposit to secure one of our RVs. This locks in the vehicle and removes it from sale at our Geelong dealership, until you’re ready to drive it home. We realise that RVs are a large investment. Our sales reps will be able to explain the key details around financing and the deposit, so that you are completely comfortable with your purchase. We want you to be relaxed and happy with your new RV!