Caravans, Campervans & Motorhomes For Sale In Melbourne | Discover Your Dream RV

Visit our local Melbourne dealership and discover your dream RV. We have a large selection of vehicles waiting to be browsed, including every major type: caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and camper trailers. You’ll find RVs from all of Apollo’s brands—Coromal, Adria, Windsor, Talvor, and Winnebago—as well as vehicles from other premium Australian manufacturers. As one of Australia’s biggest RV brands, we are able to provide you with a huge choice of vehicles, allowing you to find the ideal caravan, campervan, motorhome, or camper trailers for your adventures.

At Apollo, we value quality above all else because we want to produce Australia’s very best recreational vehicles. We started in 1985 with this in mind, and it has been a driving force for our manufacturing processes, which we continue to refine to this day. Our dedication to quality ensures that we produce the highest quality and biggest variety of RVs in the country, which have been built with safety, strength, and functionality in mind, and which transport our customers to Australia’s most beautiful places.


Browse Our Range Of RVs For Sale In Melbourne

You can find a huge variety of RVs for sale at our fully-stocked Melbourne dealership, with vehicles from all five Apollo brands, in addition to vehicles from other manufacturers. These come from local Melbourne stock plus our wider national RV network, which gives you tons of choice and a great chance of discovering your perfect vehicle. You’ll find caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and camper trailers of various prices, sizes, and with the right mix of amenities that you need for your travels.

The outdoor lifestyle is treasured by so many Australians, and an Apollo RV can help you to achieve it. This magnificent and ancient country that we live in is filled with incredible places to discover—gargantuan sandstone rocks, shimmering lakes, and even snow capped mountains, which can all be reached and enjoyed with the right recreation vehicle. An RV provides the ultimate freedom to explore and discover the best parts of Australia with your loved ones, and forge invaluable memories that will stay with you forever.

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Chat To One Of Our RV Experts In Melbourne

If you’d like to help with finding your ideal RV, our experts can guide you through our fully-stocked Melbourne dealership. Just tell them what kind of vehicle you’re considering, your preferred size and budget, and the key amenities you need, and they’ll direct you to the vehicles that are best suited. You can inspect each of them until you find a vehicle you love.

Our sales reps can also talk you through our finance options, our standard and extended warranties, possible upgrades to vehicles, and more.

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"A really terrific handover experience. A great van at a great price.

James Fisher





5 stars 

"Helpful and knowledgeable sales staff."

Deborah Crompton


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"Great service and love the campervan I'm getting next month​."

Angela Goodwin


5 stars 

"Absolutely the best service I have ever had."

John Vassila



Caravans For Sale In Melbourne | Upgrade Your Family Holidays

Our Melbourne dealership is fully-stocked with caravans of every shape and size, from snug 2-person vehicles that are ideal for couples, to larger 5-person caravans that can house spirited families. Our designers have spent years perfecting our caravan layouts, 

utilising every square metre of space to create vehicles that are a joy to live in, with all of the essential amenities and comforts of home. Our customers love our innovative caravan layouts, and you will too.

Kids of today usually need a little encouragement to experience the great outdoors, and a caravan is a fantastic way to do so. There’s plenty of top-tier campgrounds in Victoria, where your kids can swim, hike, gawp at the wildlife, play soccer, and most importantly, experience the wonders of Australia. And when they’re done exploring, you can return to a comfortable mobile home for a good night’s rest, before doing it all again the next day.

Apollo’s caravans (Adria, Windsor, and Coromal) are all RVMAP accredited. That means they pass Australia’s strict laws around RV safety, which includes the Road Vehicle Standards Act, as well as the Australian Design Rules standards. This rigorous accreditation shows that our caravans are ultra-safe, secure, and among Australia’s best. Any non-Apollo manufacturers that we sell at our dealerships are carefully selected for their quality, to ensure you’re buying a vehicle that reflects the high standards of our brand.


Motorhomes For Sale In Melbourne | Luxury Travelling At Its Finest

Want to experience road travelling at its best? A motorhome may be the vehicle for you. We have plenty of luxury motorhomes on display at our Melbourne dealership, including vehicles from our premium brands Windsor and Winnebago, plus vehicles from other Australian companies.

Our motorhomes are designed to be ultra-comfortable, with clever, innovative layouts that maximise the plentiful space and equip you with the key amenities for blissful travelling. You’ll find fully-equipped kitchens, powerful showers, tons of soft, spacious seats, and a top-tier driving experience that is based on a quality, premium vehicle. Motorhomes are the most desirable way to explore our beautiful country, and it’s easy to see why.

Apollo motorhomes are built using the latest manufacturing processes, to create ultra-strong, lightweight, and reliable vehicles. They are made from a robust composite fibreglass frame without joints or seams, which helps to create a sturdy and safe foundation for the vehicle, and gives you peace of mind when journeying around the country. Motorhomes are a premium purchase, and we use the very best construction techniques to achieve top quality.


Campervans For Sale In Melbourne | Comfortable & Packed With Amenities

If you’d prefer not to tow a caravan on your journeys, a campervan is an excellent all-in-one upgrade. At our Melbourne dealership, you’ll find quality campervans from Apollo brands Winnebego, Windsor, and Talvor, as well as vehicles from other manufacturers. 

Our goal is to provide you with a huge variety of choice, making it easier for you to find a campervan you love.

Every Apollo-made campervan is built on vehicles from Toyota, Fiat, Renault, and Mercedes. We carefully select these manufacturers and their vehicles based on their fuel efficiency, their strong chassis, and their suitability for transforming into quality campervans. They allow us to create layouts that are liveable, comfortable, and a pleasure to live in, and built on a vehicle that is reliable and performs to the highest standards.

Our campervans come with thorough warranties that will cover you while you’re travelling around Australia. If you have a warranty-covered issue while you’re on the move, we will happily repair it for you in one of our nationwide service centres.


Camper Trailers For Sale In Melbourne | Discover Hidden Off-Road Gems

If you love camping but want something a little more comfortable, a camper trailer is an affordable solution. They contain many of the key amenities you’d want from an RV, including beds, kitchens, and electricity, 

but are a fraction of the cost of caravans, campervans, and motorhomes. They’re the perfect mixture of camping and RV-living, with most of your time spent outdoors, but with sleeping and occasional lounging spent in the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

The camper trailers that we offer at Apollo (from Lumberjack Camper Trailers) also have the suspension required to go off road, so you can leave the tarmac behind and experience some of the country’s most remote places. They are nice and light too, making them easy to tow.





FAQs | Campervans, Motorhomes & Caravans For Sale In Melbourne

We stock every Apollo brand at our Adelaide dealership: Winnebago, Coromal, Adria, Windsor, and Talvor. We also stock other vehicle brands that we purchase second hand from RV owners, which gives you a wider variety of choices and helps you to find an RV that is right for you. 
The brands that we stock constantly change depending on the vehicles we buy and sell, so keep an eye on our available RVs to avoid missing out.

When it comes to sourcing the best loan for your ‘Home on the Road’, we are here to help with a wide range of flexible options. Secured and Unsecured Finance, Commercial Loans, Personal Loans, Balloons, Self Employed/ Contractor Loans and Low Doc Loans. Lending is available for new and used RVs, Motorhomes, Caravans, Campers and Camper trailers for private or business use.

We tailor the loan to suit your needs and streamline the process with Dealer assisted paperwork and integrated communication from your application to collection.

We require a 10% deposit for our RVs, which locks in the vehicle for you. Once paid, we’ll remove the vehicle for sale at our dealership until you’re ready to take it home.

We understand that RVs are a big investment, and our sales representative will explain everything you need to know about the required deposit and financing. We want you to be 100% comfortable with your purchase, and can answer any important questions you have at our Adelaide dealership.

All of our RVs are fully registered, and include an up-to-date roadworthy certificate. We can also arrange insurance through one of our partners, so that you can purchase a vehicle and have it ready to drive away. Our Adelaide dealership has everything you need to start your Australian adventures.

If you find an RV you love but are looking for something a little more, we can offer a variety of upgrades to complete the vehicle. This includes solar panels for off-road travelling, water tanks to keep you going for longer, upgraded water heaters, WiFi signal boosters, and more.

We also sell lots of accessories to make your trip more practical and enjoyable. You can add a little privacy with a curtain set or some venetian blinds, awning lamps to illuminate your evenings, cutlery drawer inserts to get organised, high-tech LED gauges to monitor your water and waste, and plenty more.