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If you’re after mechanical services or motorhome, campervan, 4WD, or caravan repairs in Brisbane, our experienced, qualified technicians will have you back on the road in no time!


Caravan Repairs Brisbane | Servicing & Repairs For Caravans, RVs, Motorhomes & 4WD vehicles

From vast stretches of sun-drenched beaches to lush bushland filled with unique wildlife, Australia’s landscapes are breathtaking and bursting with adventures just waiting to be unearthed. And here at Apollo RV Sales, we totally get it because we live and breathe Caravans & RVs.


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State-of-the-art Facility | Superior Workmanship | Central Location

Our passion for RV and 4WD touring is evident in the design and construction of our 5000m2 state-of-the-art workshop located on Brisbane’s Northside. This amazing facility is a shows our commitment to quality service and repairs we offer our valued customers. From repairs to upgrades, it all takes place in this safe, highly monitored space under the watchful eyes of our experienced technicians.


Caravan Servicing Brisbane | Superior Service Combined With Quality Workmanship

From servicing, repairs, certification, mechanical & structural upgrades to custom fabrication and 12V to 24V modifications, our experienced technicians can manage any job. And if you are new to the wonderful world of caravans, we also offer vehicle pre-purchase inspections and new vehicle orientation services to get first-time owners confident and ready to hit the road!

Some of the more popular services we offer include:

We offer “minor” and “major” Brisbane caravan servicing for all vehicles, including full logbook services, to ensure your vehicle is regularly maintained. Contact us for a detailed quote.

These include repairs to panels, upholstery, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, antennas, awnings, hot water, brake, bearing and solar panels.

Whether it’s upgrades to your solar-powered system or modifications to your cabinetry, upholstery, appliances or a complete retrofit, let us help create your perfect dream vehicle!

Insurance and warranty repairs
Maintaining your vehicle is a vital component of ownership. We can help minimise the stress that often comes with warranty repairs and insurance claims due to loss or damage.


Mechanical Services & Repairs

Repairs are vital to ensure the ongoing safety of your vehicle and allow you to enjoy outdoor adventures for as long as possible! If you are after caravan servicing in Brisbane or servicing of your 4WD, camper van or motorhome, we offer everything from regular maintenance to logbook servicing.

If you need RV repairs in Brisbane, we service electrical, solar, cabinetry, upholstery, air conditioning, antennas, awnings, hot water systems, plumbing, cooking, sealing, bearing and brake mechanisms.

Our mechanical services and repairs include:
Mechanical services
• Regular maintenance checks - major and minor services offered
• Full log book servicing

• Electrical and solar - including 12V and 240V repairs and certification and repairs to solar power systems (we are an authorised KT Solar stockist and repairer)
• Cabinetry - including repairs to lockers and cupboards and other internal cabinetry
• Upholstery - including repairs to curtains, blinds and seating
• LPG - including repairing leaks and caravan plumbing
• Air conditioning and heating
• Antennas - including fixing annoying reception problems!
• Awnings - including repairing the awnings that are designed to protect your slide-outs
• Hot water systems
• Fridges, stoves and cooktops
• Vehicle reseals - to avoid leaks
• Bearing and brake services - to ensure your vehicle meets the highest safety measures possible


Insurance Repairs

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, the terms of your insurance policy can cover a variety of issues. These range from water, storm and weather damage (including hail) to accidental damage, fire damage or damage due to theft. Regardless, it’s important that insurance repairs are dealt with quickly. If you nominate us as your preferred repairer, we will do our utmost to have you back on the road as soon as possible.

This is the process typically involved with insurance claims:

1. You nominate us as your preferred repairer.
2. Your insurer will send us a quote request.
3. We will work with an assessor and your insurer to assess the damage and the terms of your insurance contract.
4. You will be contacted by your insurer in terms of the details of your claim and the next steps.
5. Once we have the go-ahead for work, we will ensure the best possible timing, technicians, practices and parts are used in the repair process.


Modifications & Upgrades

You'll love the freedom of escaping to the bush or beach for a weekend (or longer!) adventure in your RV. As your “home away from home”, modifications and upgrades are a fantastic way of enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of your leisure experience.

Modifications and upgrades we offer include:
• Electrical and solar - including 12V and 240V upgrades and certification and the installation or upgrading of your solar-powered systems (we are an authorised KT Solar stockist).
• Cabinetry - including modifying your vehicle’s internal design to make the best use of its layout. Or let us help with a complete redesign or retrofit for the ultimate transformation!
• Upholstery - up the comfort factor with modifications to your curtains, blinds and/or seating (ahhh… leather).
• Air conditioning and heating - let us help you achieve year-round caravan comfort regardless of the season.
• Antennas - if TV or movie watching is part of your downtime, we can install or upgrade the right system for you (no more bad reception!)
• Awnings - are a great way to add sun protection and a little more practicality in terms of embracing the outdoors. We can also install custom-fit awnings that will protect your caravan slide-outs.
• Hot water systems - whether it’s for washing, cooking or cleansing, hot water is a luxury that can’t be beaten, particularly in the chillier months.
And the team at Apollo RV Sales have the experience and know-how to make it a wonderful reality! • Fridges, stoves and cooktops - Outdoor adventuring doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your cook-ups. Our team can recommend a range of upgrades that will ensure the chef is still in their element!
• Bike racks - Whether you have a motorhome or caravan, if you’re a keen biker, exploring new beach and bike tracks will be a joy!
• Storage boxes - Functionality and space-saving features in your motorhome or van can make adventuring in an RV all that more enjoyable.


Warranty Repairs

Most RVs these days come with a specific maintenance and servicing manual, and it’s vital that you don’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. Our Brisbane caravan repair & servicing team will work with you to ensure any warranty repairs are done according to your vehicle’s manual guidelines. Alternatively, we can work directly with the manufacturer or dealer to ensure the repair process is seamless and stress-free.

Whether it is minor tweaks or replacement of warranted items, our expert team have a wealth of experience across many products and brands.

Examples of the types of warranty repairs we can provide include:
• Accessory installation
• Aluminium cladding repairs and replacement
• Awning repairs and replacement
• Cabinet repairs
• Furniture repairs
• Chassis repairs
• A frame repairs
• Appliance repairs
• Handbrake repairs
• Brake repairs
• Tyre, wheel, bearings repairs or replacements
• Electrical repairs
• Gas repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Some RV enthusiasts use their vehicles often. Others head off into the great outdoors at certain times of the year, particularly during peak holiday periods. Regardless, there are some components of RVs that need regular check-ups and what better way than to get them checked by our Brisbane caravan repair specialists. These could include checking the wheels and bearings, the braking system, tyres, the suspension system, the safety-sway control system, water tanks and electrical connections. Other types of RVs have different specific servicing needs. Ideally, servicing should be done at least once a year or even more frequently depending on how and when you use your vehicle.

With all major purchases, you should understand your warranty, and RVs are no exception, particularly because they are constructed of so many different parts and components. Some are covered by the manufacturer. With caravans in particular, they include the workmanship of anything structural like internal cabinetry and external walls and internal components like stoves, fridges and toilets.

If you are unsure of who to contact during the warranty period, call your dealer, who should be able to assist you with any warranty issues. It is also important to read your warranty paperwork thoroughly. As the owner of the RV, you are responsible for regular and proper maintenance in accordance with the warranty agreement.

Our Brisbane caravan servicing team at Apollo RV Sales are ultimately here to make your life easier - including servicing your vehicle regularly and thoroughly. However, there are some easy checks you can do yourself before booking a service in so that you are armed with all the information you need in terms of communicating any concerns.

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, they include checking your vehicle’s tyres, windows, screens, awnings, lights and appliances and noting down any concerns in terms of your vehicle’s overall functionality and performance. But we’re here to make your experience with us stress-free, so we are also happy for you to leave it up to us. We’ve got you (and your vehicle), so you can make the most of the amazing adventures you’ve got ahead of you!