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Exterior Protection - Polymer Coating:

Protect against the harsh Australian elements
with an extra clear seal over your vehicle. 


  • Protects against, bird, bat droppings, tree sap
  • Sun oxidisation 
  • Fading, discolouration
  • Add a glass like finish to the exterior of your RV
  • Make washing your RV easy, simply wash & rinse for lasting shine
  • Enhance your resale value
  • Lifetime warranty (New RV’s only). 5 Year Warranty on Used
  • Reduce chance of yellowing commonly seen on fibreglass panels overtime

Interior Protection:

Shield against soiling, fading, and staining with an extra
protective clear seal over your RV’s interior.


  • Protects against every stain on all fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces
  • Applied to all seats, cushions, headboards, curtains
  • Prevents fading
  • Makes it easier to clean
  • Enhance your resale value
  • Lifetime warranty (New RV’s only). 5 Year Warranty on Used


There is a short window of opportunity to protect your van with Exterior Polymer Protection. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your Motorhome or Caravan, build a barrier between the surfaces of your RV & such harsh elements, UV light, bird, bat and sap droppings.

PLUS enjoy the lifetime warranty benefits RV Care products deliver.


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Market Leading Paint & Fabric Protection                                                  

Professionally Applied

Exterior Benefits:

  • Easy cleaning of grime and black streaks
  • No more waxing, polishing or abrasive cleaning
  • Seals and protects paintwork, ABS and GRP
  • Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Low maintenance - just wash, go and enjoy!

Interior Benefits:

  • Seals and protects fabric seating and upholstery
  • Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Hypo-allergenic, non CFC PTFE formula
  • Safe product

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