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Exterior Protection - Polymer Coating:

Protect against the harsh Australian elements
with an extra clear seal over your vehicle. 


  • Protects against, bird, bat droppings, tree sap
  • Sun oxidisation 
  • Fading, discolouration
  • Add a glass like finish to the exterior of your RV
  • Make washing your RV easy, simply wash & rinse for lasting shine
  • Enhance your resale value
  • Lifetime warranty (New RV’s only). 5 Year Warranty on Used
  • Reduce chance of yellowing commonly seen on fibreglass panels overtime

Interior Protection:

Shield against soiling, fading, and staining with an extra
protective clear seal over your RV’s interior.


  • Protects against every stain on all fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces
  • Applied to all seats, cushions, headboards, curtains
  • Prevents fading
  • Makes it easier to clean
  • Enhance your resale value
  • Lifetime warranty (New RV’s only). 5 Year Warranty on Used


There is a short window of opportunity to protect your van with Exterior Polymer Protection. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your Motorhome or Caravan, build a barrier between the surfaces of your RV & such harsh elements, UV light, bird, bat and sap droppings.

PLUS enjoy the lifetime warranty benefits RV Care products deliver.


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Paintseal Australia - Gen-3 Glasscoat      

Market Leading Paint & Fabric Protection | Professionally Applied | 10 Year Guarantee

Exterior Benefits:

  • Easy cleaning of grime and black streaks
  • No more waxing, polishing or abrasive cleaning
  • Seals and protects paintwork, ABS and GRP
  • Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Low maintenance - just wash, go and enjoy!

Interior Benefits:

  • Seals and protects fabric seating and upholstery
  • Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Hypo-allergenic, non CFC PTFE formula
  • Safe product

Paintseal Aftercare Pack

Paintseal aftercare approved products include; Dryclean, Exterior Wash, Paint Surface Cleaner, Glassclean and Fabriclean, all of which have been specially formulated to aid the cleaning process and do not harm our protective coatings.

250ml Exterior Wash Concentrate

A unique blend of cleaning agents designed for use on paintwork that has been treated with Paintseal Teflon/ Ceramic protection. Simple to use, Paintseal Shampoo will produce excellent cleaning with superb water rinse off properties. Imparts a 'just waxed' look to newly cleaned surfaces - without expensive wax based products.

250ml Paint Surface Cleaner

Non-Abrasive product to remove stubborn marks, black streaks, tree sap, etc.

250ml Fabriclean

Paintseal Fabriclean is specially formulated to give quick and effective treatment for the removal of everyday dirt and grime from upholstery.

Lifetime Warranty

The continued use of Paintseal aftercare products will protect and maintain your investment, as well as entitle you to a lifetime warranty on your initial Paintseal paint protection investment.


* Subject to inspection by an authorised Paintseal representative.

Paintseal aftercare pack

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