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4 Ways to Get Your RV Feeling Festive

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We’re rapidly heading into the silly season, which means it’s time to bust out the Christmas carols and get into the festive mood. The excitement and adventure of living on the road can make this magical time of year feel even more special, so why not make sure your home away from home matches your mood this Christmas? Check out our suggestions below on how you can have your RV feeling more like Santa’s workshop:

1. Get Decorating

Some people out there might feel like Christmas decorations aren’t very RV-friendly or that they might create too much clutter in a smaller space but we’re here to tell those people that they couldn’t be more wrong! Christmas is the perfect time to make your RV cosier than ever with some festive decorations. You just have to be clever about it! Here are some of our top decorating suggestions:

  • Get a smaller-than-usual Christmas tree and pace it strategically in a corner where it won’t be in anyone’s way.
  • Our next suggestion is our favourite. Get some warm-coloured or multicoloured Christmas fairy lights and string them up around your caravan or motorhome. The atmosphere of your RV will be transformed and you’ll get some serious Winter wonderland vibes every time you settle in for the evening.
  • Hang a wreath on your door. This one is great because it doesn’t take up any space inside your home on wheels. Just make sure you remember to take it down and store it while you’re driving.
  • Get the arts & crafts out! This is such a fun activity, especially if you have kids. Create Christmas decorations that you can stick to your cupboards or hang from the ceiling of your caravan or motorhome.


2. A Festive Cinema Experience

Windsor Genesis 220md, RV Christmas decorations

Set up a projector and host the ultimate Christmas movie marathon inside, or outside of your RV. A great hack for caravans and motorhomes is that a lot of them have a huge, almost blank space on the exterior back wall which is pretty much prime real estate for projecting movies. Get your RV cinema set up and indulge in a marathon of your festive favourites. We recommend Love Actually, The Grinch and The Santa Clause. If you’d rather stay indoors, set up a projector inside your caravan or motorhome on one of the walls or even the ceiling. And don’t forget to have some Christmas gingerbread men or shortbread.


3. Get your Bake On

rv christmas decorations

Speaking of classic Christmas snacks, why not enjoy the silly season by getting your bakers hat on and make some delicious treats- you can even make extra to leave out for Santa! Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean that you can’t make your family favourites in the lead up to Christmas. Bake some cookies and let your caravan fill with the sweet aroma of cinnamon, fudge and orange zest. Even if your caravan or motorhome doesn’t have an oven, you can make stove-top cookies!


4. Soak up the Christmas Atmosphere

christmas lights on tree

The beauty of the RV lifestyle is that you get to explore so many different towns and cities as well as the traditions and little quirks that come with them. This one may not strictly relate to your RV but travelling in a caravan or motorhome during the festive period means that you’ll get the opportunity to visit all different kinds of Christmas markets, experience local light displays and get a taste of how the locals mark this special time of year. Make the most of it and soak up the atmosphere that’s all around you!

Is your Christmas wish to get your very own campervan, motorhome or caravan? At Apollo RV Sales we can make that wish come true with a huge range of RVs to suit all kinds of budgets and travelling bucket lists. Check out our range today!


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