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What You Should Know Before You Go

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Whether you're already in the planning stages or still just dreaming about hitting the road and travelling Australia, it pays to do the research and get yourself as educated as possible before you hit the tarmac, especially when it comes to safety related matters. Thankfully there are many fantastic and reliable resources available to new RV’ers including leading industry body websites Caravanning Queensland and the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. 


When it comes to the more practical questions however, about travelling Australia full time, living and working on the road and the RV lifestyle, we have compiled a list of the top 5 thinks you should know before you go. These are the ones we get asked most often, the things we wish we knew before we set off, and the things we have learnt along the way from our own mistakes (or from watching others).

You Don’t Need It All

You don’t need the brand new rig, tow vehicle and accessories to hit the road and get started making memories. You will find your style when you are on the road, and will learn what products and items are going to add value and enhance your experience. Don’t keep delaying your plans because you are saving up for ALL the things. Start now, start small in whatever way you can and get out there and start making memories with your loved ones!


You’re Not Going To Miss Out 

Windsor genesis 220md with a setting sun in the background

There are so many more people out on the road, traveling and exploring their own backyard, and whilst it is a lot busier there is certainly no lack of places to go. Yes, campsites are fuller than they’ve ever been, and yes there are some places you’ll need to arrive early to snag, but don’t be worried that you are going to miss out as there are more camping spots and caravan parks around the country than you’ll ever be able to stay at. 


Work Opportunity Abounds

There are so many ways to make full time travel a sustainable lifestyle and we have met hundreds of people on the road who are doing just that. Do you have a skill or trade that can be taken mobile? Are you able to switch your work online and become a digital nomad? Or, do you want to try your hand at something new as you travel around the country? Our experience over the last 12 months is that there are so many businesses out there, especially in rural or outback regions, that are screaming out for genuine hard workers. So what are you waiting for?


Travel On Your Terms

Windsor caravan and tow vehicle driving down a dirt road towards the ocean

This is the best part of an RV Lifestyle! Choose your own adventure and travel where and how you like. Want to save money and free camp around the country? You can! Prefer the conveniences of a caravan park? Go for it, there’s thousands to choose from! Your life, your way! 

Find Your Community

The destinations will continue to blow you away, however it is the people that you meet when traveling that really make the difference to your experience. The RV Community is incredible and full of genuine and authentic people who are willing to lend a hand, help you out, provide some advice or share a yarn. There’s a good reason behind the saying “Happy Camper”!

Planning to hit the road? Check out our range of RVs designed to suit all travelling styles and budgets!


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