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Outback Road Tripping Vs Coastal Road Tripping

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Get the lowdown on how to prepare for coastal road tripping vs outback road tripping from The Feel Good Family...

Whether you’re about to hit the road for a driving holiday with your friends, or are taking the leap and setting off on your own dream lap of Australia, there is one guarantee… you will be met with incredible destinations, unique experiences and authentic Aussie smiling faces, regardless of whether you are following the coast or heading to the outback. 


Australia abounds with some of the world’s most pristine beaches, scenic coastal drives, iconic natural landmarks, rich culture, and outback road trip journeys that will leave you in awe of just how plentiful and diverse this country is. 


A windsor caravan and tow vehicle in the outback town of Henbury


After 2 years of full time travelling in our Windsor caravan around Australia, we have just completed the Explorer Way drive journey from Adelaide to Darwin. An awesome 6 week trip that took us further outback than we’d ever been before into the Red Centre and beating heart of the country. 

Here’s some tips to consider when making the decision between a coastal or outback road trip adventure:


Prepare your packing list

A windsor caravan parked near a coastline

With the majority of Australia’s population living on or near to a coast, it's much easier when road tripping through these areas to access vital services, health care and supplies, potentially reducing the amount of gear you need to pack and carry on your trip. However there is a vast difference when travelling to the outback, purely because of the remote locations. You will need to consider how much fuel and water you can carry, what first aid and safety equipment you need on board, and how to manage your produce and food supplies for longer periods of time. 


Understand the road conditions

A Windsor caravan in the outback

Whilst you may have to deal with more traffic on a coastal road trip, you will be met with an entirely new set of road conditions when travelling outback. Be prepared for extremely long stretches of road between towns, wildlife such as kangaroos and emus who become more active during golden hour, free roaming stock as you pass through sheep and cattle stations, 130km per hour speed limits, and road trains up to 54 metres long.


Enjoy the connectivity

The Feel Good Family standing beside their Windsor caravan in front of a beautiful coastline

It’s easy to take the fast and reliable mobile phone and internet coverage of the coast for granted… until you’ve travelled outback that is. And whilst it provides an increased level of safety and security on a coastal road trip, it can also distract from the true value of your experience.  As we have recently found, the coverage and quality in the outback is consistently inconsistent, and from a safety and security point of view you will want to be prepared with another device such as a UHF radio or personal locator beacon. We have thoroughly enjoyed being unplugged on our outback adventures and are feeling more connected to each other, ourselves and the incredible environment around us. 


So what are you waiting for? Grab a map, make a plan and make your ultimate road trip a reality!

Are you keen to explore the outback and cruise Australian coastlines? Check out our range of RVs available in Apollo RV Sales dealerships across the country today!



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