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14 Activities for a Rainy Day in your RV

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Life on the road will usually see you spending a lot of time outdoors so when a storm rolls in or a deluge of rain arrives and you’re RV-bound, you or your kids might feel like you’re at a bit of lose end. There’s no need to worry though because a rainy day in your caravan or motorhome can actually be fun-filled, productive or a much-needed chance to relax. Check out our 14 favourite rainy day activities below:

Bake cookies

Cookies on a cooling rack

Often when you’re on the road, you’ll be so busy out adventuring that you’ll likely end up whipping up quick meals most of the time, which is completely fine. But a rainy day is the perfect excuse to get your bake on and make some sweet treats. The kids will be keen to help since it’ll most likely involve getting their hands dirty AND they get a yummy desert at the end.

Build a pillow fort

two boys in a pillow fort

Building a pillow fort will be a surprisingly fun project for both you and the kids. Not to mention that the end result will leave your caravan or motorhome feeling super cosy which is perfect on a day where the weather’s a bit dull. Get ready to snuggle!

Movie day

A movie day can be the perfect way to spend the day relaxing. In fact, you might even be thankful for if a lot of your days have been jam packed with adventures in the outdoors. Get some fresh PJs on and pop on a movie. You might even want to try to tackle a series or a trilogy of movies since you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There are even some nifty projectors out there that are perfect for occasions like this when you want to turn your RV into an impromptu movie theatre.

Board games & card games

mum and son playing Uno on a caravan bed

We recommend always keeping a few games in your RV for those rainy days when you want to stay indoors. The possibilities really are endless from scrabble and monopoly to chess and Uno and so many more! The great thing about board games and card games is that they can take a couple of hours to complete and if you have a competitive streak, you won’t even notice the time passing.


Since you’re out on the road RVing you’ll probably have lots of photos of your epic adventures. But sometimes we take so many photos then never get around to organising them. Spend your rainy day getting your photos in order and creating a scrapbook of your trip. The great thing about technology is that we don’t even need to have printed photos on hand to create a scrapbook anymore- you can do it digitally!

Find indoor activities nearby

Rainy day activities, aquarium

Rainy days don’t always mean you have to spend the day inside the caravan or motorhome. Chances are that there’s a museum, planetarium, aquarium or library nearby that you can visit. And, it’ll be an educational experience too!

Facetime your family

Life on the road can make it difficult to catch up with your family and friends because you’re usually so busy out hiking, swimming and exploring all of the wonderful new locations you’ve discovered. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to touch base with your loved ones for a well overdue catch up.


We know it’s not the most fun option, but doing a deep clean of your caravan or Motorhome can actually be seriously satisfying. And you’ll thank yourself for it later when you’re not coming home to a messy home on wheels.

Holiday park activities

If you happen to be staying at a camp ground or holiday park, check if there’s any activities that have been organised by the owners. Often, holiday parks will organise games days, movie nights or karaoke for the kids which will help keep the boredom at bay.

Take a scenic drive

scenic drive

Again, if you’re feeling a bit restless, a rainy day doesn’t always have to mean staying inside your home on wheels. Hit the road and explore whatever beautiful location you’re currently visiting from the comfort of your own car or motorhome. What’s even better is that the landscape will probably look completely different in the rain so you’ll get a totally different perspective.

Read a book

It’s always a good idea to keep some good books in your RV. Getting cosy and getting lost in a juicy page-turner while you listen to the rain pattering on the roof of your caravan or motorhome is one of the best ways to spend a rainy day. Also, if you’re travelling with kids, it’s always a good idea to stock up on some of their favourite books.

Arts & crafts

A bit of arts and crafts can be therapeutic for both you and the kids. Stickers, pencils, crayons, play doh and crocheting are all great options for an RV because you’re working with limited space and they’re much less likely to create a mess. Though we aren’t making any promises on that last bit!


travel diary, journaling

This is another one that’s great for you and the kids. Life on the road is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have so we definitely recommend taking some time to document it and write about your travels. And what better time to do it than when you’re stuck inside? Trust us, you’ll thank yourself in years to come.

Get to that ‘To Do’ list

A rainy day is the perfect chance to get to all of those maintenance tasks and bits and pieces that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while. Whether it’s organising your cupboards, doing a little bit of decorating or some RV maintenance, you’ll be glad you ticked it off your list.

At Windsor RVs, we’ve been helping Australians to have epic adventures for decades so it’s safe to say we know quite a lot about what makes a great RV. Head to our website to check out our range of caravans and motorhomes today!


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