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The Winnebago name is synonymous across the globe with incomparable standards of excellence, and a commitment to quality and innovation. Built by Apollo in Brisbane, Winnebago is an established leading manufacturer in caravans, campervans & motorhomes.

Offering a quality build RV with a stylish modern design, the Winnebago range is a popular choice for weekend getaways to full-time living. Winnebago are also proud manufacturers for the world-renowned Apollo rental fleet. Operating the largest range of rental motorhomes in Australia, Winnebago’s product has been tried, tested and refined over hundreds of kilometres. Apollo RV Sales are factory direct Winnebago dealers.

To learn more on Winnebago caravans, campervans, or motorhomes, contact our team directly on 1800 825 867 or submit an enquiry form on the vehicle of interest below.

We have a huge variety of affordable, customisable caravans for sale, manufactured through our Windsor, Coromal, and Adria brands. You can buy a new caravan with the latest features and technologies, ready to be taken away, or a used caravan that has established itself as a proven adventurer, more than capable of becoming your new travel home. Apollo’s wide selection allows you to buy the brand you want, and a caravan that you can safely attach and tow with your current vehicle.

The diversity of our caravans for sale in Australia means that you can find a layout that is perfectly suited for your needs. We have smaller two-person vehicles with only the most essential features, to grand five-person vehicles that are packed with everything you need for happy travelling. Every one of them has an innovative, meticulous design that provides the very best use of space. We know how important a functional, usable floor plan is for a caravan, which is why we pour so much research and investment into developing them. We’ve spent decades refining our manufacturing processes, and the result is safe, secure, and reliable caravans that are loved by people across the country. Safety is woven into everything we do—our caravans pass Australia’s Road Vehicle Standards with flying colours, ensuring that your family is protected while on the road. They also include standard warranties if something goes amiss, which our servicing department will be happy to fix for you. Our caravans allow you to spend quality time on the road with your family, whether short day trips or longer holidays. You can explore Australia’s vast states and discover some of its most breathtaking places—breakfast on an idyllic Exmouth beach, helping your kids catch a fish at the quaint village of Yamba, experiencing the wonders of the sublime Great Ocean Road, or visiting any other of Australia’s amazing places. Our caravans provide the freedom you need to live a holiday lifestyle, allowing you to experience our country’s most delightful spots with your loved ones; a way to escape the incessant screens and distractions by getting back to nature.