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Coromal Caravans: Create your own Australian-Made Adventure

Industry leaders since 1977, Coromal Caravans’ legacy continues to this day as the brand of choice for many first-time RV owners and those in the market for an upgrade. They offer superior comfort, quality craftsmanship and tailored functionality. With a fantastic combination of style and substance, they are also designed for those after lifelong, memory-making experiences. 

Manufactured in one of the largest RV manufacturing facilities in the southern hemisphere, these value-for-money vehicles suit a variety of travelling lifestyles, from Soul Seekers to Adventure Seekers and Thrill Seekers, which is reflected in their inspirational names. Whether you’re after a touring, family or off-road RV experience, the Coromal caravan range offers a variety of sizes and floor plans that will inspire you to explore the unique landscapes and oceanic environments in our amazing country and seek your own Australian-made adventure! 

Coromal Caravans 

Coromal caravan models include their Touring caravan series, Family caravan series and Semi-off-road caravan series.

Touring Caravan Series - Coromal Soul Seeker 

One of the newest vans in the Coromal Caravan line-up, the Soul Seeker is available in three models — 18’, 18’6” and 19’6”. Designed for solo or couple travellers and ideal for first-time buyers, they are built tough with strong Meranti frames for a durable, flexible and lightweight structure and composite panels for a smooth, strong finish that allows for easy maintenance. 

Feature-wise, all models have all the essentials for an adventure-packed getaway, including a 2 x 12V mini hatch, a picnic table, roll-out awning, tunnel boot, triple-lock door, double glazed windows, an external 12V/USB/TV, a 160W solar panel, two 95-litre water tanks, two 9-kilogram gas bottles and an external shower. 

Inside, you’ll find a functional layout with an easily accessed island bed layout at the front and a shower and toilet at the rear of the vehicle. It also boasts a top-load washing machine, and a kitchen with a Thetford N614-E fridge, range hood and a Thetford mini grill.   


FAQs - Coromal

Travelling around the country in an RV is not for everyone, but it does have some awesome advantages. If you love exploring and travelling, it can be a smart investment as you’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility and independence that comes with having your own portable hotel room!

You can be on your own schedule and not have to worry about bookings, check-out times or cancellations, and if you are feeling restless, simply start your engine and find another location! It can also save you money on flights and accommodation as campsites are cheaper than traditional hotels and motels, particularly if you’re travelling with kids. You’ll have your own space, can take as much luggage as you need and can easily outfit your rig with all the comforts of home.

In most cases, you would not need a special license to tow a caravan. A standard car licence (STD) is acceptable for any vehicle up to 4.5 tons GVM. In cases where the GVM exceeds 4.5 tons, you would require a length truck license or its equivalent to legally tow your Coromal caravan. It is also always recommended to study and check your state’s towing laws before you tow a caravan.

We offer RVMAP accreditation from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Its Accreditation Key is our commitment to adhering to Federal Compliance Regulations and relevant Australian Design Rules for our products.

When you purchase from us, you can be confident they are regularly inspected so we can honour this commitment. All new Majestic manufactured Coromal caravans are also backed by the Majestic Manufacturer's Warranty, giving owners the ultimate peace of mind with a 3-year structural factory warranty.

Essentially, the chassis of a caravan is the skeletal background of the vehicle. Its metal frame acts as the foundation of the caravan body and is where several parts of the caravan are attached. There are different grades of steel used for chassis.

For a typical Aussie caravan, Square Hollow Section (SHS) steel is used as cross beams, and Dual Grade Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) is commonly used as longitudinal beams. The steel comes in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the design and build of the chassis. A-frames are used to increase the durability and strength of a chassis. They are usually welded onto the longitudinal beams and can be enhanced by an additional sheet of steel, known as an A-frame reinforcement plate.

Chassis also have what is known as risers. They are sections of the RHS that are installed on top or under the parallel chassis side sections to improve clearance and body height. This allows the caravan to have a flat floor surface and enhanced wheel articulation.

The design process of a chassis is an intricate and technical engineering process. The beginning of its design process is largely formulated on programs such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programs.

There are also many types of chassis finishes, ranging from painted surfaces to hot-dipped gal. Common examples of coating include DuraGal and SupaGal, which can be applied inside and outside the steel surface to prevent rusting. The coatings are usually very thick — around 56 to 80 microns — to enhance durability.

After the steel is coated, it goes through a galvanising process, whereby it is dipped in a variety of chemicals to cleanse it. After this, it is dipped again into molten zinc at around 450ºC to ensure every part of the steel is covered. The chassis on the Coromal range are coated with SupaGal.

Caravan frames are typically made up of a Meranti Timber Frame, which is reinforced with a covering of lightweight aluminium sheeting. Meranti is a light red timber known for its strength, flexibility, and dent-resistant properties.

This soft to firm hardwood timber is commonly used by Australian manufacturers due to its relatively light weight, making it an affordable option. It is also not subject to warping or twisting, which makes it a reliable choice for caravan frames.