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12 ‘Must-Have’ Items for your RV Emergency Kit

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Before hitting the road in your campervan, motorhome or caravan, it’s vital that you have a well-stocked RV emergency kit. A lack of preparation can come at a big cost so keep yourself and your family safe by making sure you have the following items onboard: 

1. First aid kit

The first and arguably the most important item on this list is a first aid kit. Whether it’s cuts and scrapes or a mild sprain, chances are that you’ll need your first aid kit at some stage. Some basics that you should always have in your first aid kit are:


  • Elasticised bandages
  • Band aids of various sizes
  • Gauze
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Disposable gloves
  • Safety pins
  • Saline
  • Tweezers
  • Stop itch cream

It’s important to make sure you keep your first aid kit well stocked because you never know when you’ll need it and shops or medical supplies aren’t always easily accessible when you’re on the road.


2. Toolkit

Your toolkit will be a lifesaver at some stage. Just like a regular house, your home on wheels will need various bits and pieces of maintenance along your journey.

We recommend at a minimum having:

  • A multi-bit screwdriver
  • A wrench
  • Pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Duct tape
  • Tyre pressure gauge

3. Warning triangles

If you haven’t seen them before, warning triangles are made of red reflective plastic and they’re used in case of a break down or accident to make sure your RV is visible at night. You should be able to pick up a warning triangle kit from your local Bunnings or automotive store. While it’s something that you hope you won’t have to use, warning triangles are very useful in a breakdown situation and can help to prevent further damage to your RV.

4. Jump leads

Jump leads can be crucial in a break down situation. You might find that they’re even more useful when travelling in an RV than in a car because often, if you’re in the outback or more rural parts of Australia, a mechanic or roadside assistance won’t be able to easily reach you. If you’ve never had to use jump leads before, we recommend getting educated on how to use them before you head anywhere too remote.

5. Solar powered phone charger

If you plan on heading anywhere remote it’s always good to have a solar powered charger. Worst case scenario, you end up in an emergency situation without power but you can still charge your phone and call someone for help or use your GPS. Best case scenario, you always have an alternative and free method when it comes to charging your phone on the road.

6. Tow straps

Tow straps can be another invaluable item in a breakdown situation if you need to be towed to the nearest mechanic. Just make sure the straps you buy are suitable for the weight of your RV.

7. Water purification tablets

Water purification tablets do exactly what they say on the tin. If you’re ever left without access to clean drinking water, theses tablets contain (safe) chemicals that will purify any accessible water source like a river or lake and make it suitable for drinking. Just remember that you usually have to wait around half an hour before the water is safe to drink. Also, the good news is that water purification tablets are relatively cheap and don’t take up a lot of space- you may even be able to fit them in your first aid kit.

8.Non-perishable foods

Always keep some extra tins of beans, rice, dried fruit and dried vegetables onboard your RV just in case you ever end up in a situation where you don’t have access to food. While it’s unlikely such an emergency would occur, it’s always best to be prepared.


9.Extra water

Make sure you always have drinkable water onboard your RV. Also, if you’re planning a long drive where you know you won’t be driving through too many towns or passing too many amenities, make sure you stock up before hand and at any opportunity you get along the way.


10.Tyre jack

A tyre jack, also referred to as an RV jack, is essential when replacing a flat or damaged tyre on the road. Having the ability to change your own tyre, should you need to, will save you a lot of time and money so a tyre jack is a great investment.


11.Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can be used to prevent major disasters occurring so having one in your RV at all times is a must. Whether it’s a kitchen fire, an electronic fault or a camp fire that’s getting out of control, a fire extinguisher can save lives. In general, a water mist extinguisher is the best and most suitable fire extinguisher for use in an RV but it’s important that you do your own research before buying.


12.Window breaker

Getting trapped inside an RV is an unlikely situation but still one that we all hope to avoid, so we recommend being prepared for this scenario. A window breaker is designed to smash your windows and will allow a quick escape from your RV in an emergency situation.


So, there you have it, that’s our list of 12 must-have items for your RV emergency kit. Make sure you get into the habit of doing an inventory check in the lead-up to any big trips and if you’ve lost, misplaced or used any items, make sure you replace them. Safe travels!


At Apollo RV Sales, each of our campervans, motorhomes and caravans are built to the highest of standards with unbeatable durability. This means that you and your loved ones can enjoy your life on the road with the ultimate peace of mind.  Check out our range online today!


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