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5 Ways you can Make Money While Living on the Road

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Do you dream of a full time life on the road in your very own home on wheels? If the answer is yes then we have great news for you. Life on the road has never been more achievable than it is in 2021. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of everyday Aussies who are opting for the RV lifestyle, and one thing has become very clear: it’s easier than you think. One of the biggest questions that people often have about travelling full time is ‘how can I afford it?’, so here are 5 of the best ways to make money while living in your campervan, motorhome or caravan:



There are a lot of options out there for freelancing online that don’t necessarily require you to have any formal qualifications or experience. You just have to find something you’re good at. Freelance writing is a common way for people to make money while living on the road. Similarly, there’s also freelance proofreading, editing and transcribing. However, if writing isn’t really your thing there’s heaps of other options like becoming a virtual assistant, a web designer, a social media manager or any other number of things. You just have to go looking for the opportunities! To get started, platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are definitely worth checking out.


Put your skills to use

Often, you’ll be able to use your skills or experience from your current job to make money while travelling on the road. And, if right now you’re recoiling at this idea because you’re going travelling to get away from the stress or monotony of your career, hear us out. We’re not talking about seeking out jobs that are taxing or anxiety inducing. Look for jobs that are a bit more chilled out and don’t require long term commitment. They’re likely to pay less but they’re also likely to be a lot more fun. For example, if you were a previously a chef you might be able to pick up short-term work at events and festivals that you come across along the way. Or if you enjoy knitting and crafting you could sell handmade goods at markets that you come across on your travels. Very often there are ways to generate a bit of income from the skillset you already have.


Online business

This one may take a little bit more planning and preparation but it’s worth it if you’re the kind of person who needs stability.  Setting up an online business before you head off can be a great source of income while you live on the road. Digital marketing, eCommerce, consulting and teaching online courses are all great examples of online businesses that don’t require you to be in the same place every day. All you need is a reliable internet connection.


Seasonal work

Throughout Australia, regional towns and farms are always looking for seasonal workers. As a country, we largely run off of the produce that comes out of our regional areas. Do some research on what’s in season and where, then you can loosely incorporate that into your travel plans. Head to Queensland during the winter months and you’ll easily find a gig picking Strawberries. Next, you could work your way down to South Australia for a stint of harvesting grapes during summer. There are so many options out there in every state that you’re almost guaranteed to find work.


Remote employment

These days, with the internet and technology being what it is, remote employment is pretty common.  In fact, some companies have entirely remote teams and are more than happy for you to travel while you work as long as they know they can count on you. If you’d like to have a very steady and reliable stream of income while travelling, looking for remote working opportunities is the best option there is. What’s even better is that you can look for a part-time remote job so that you still have enough time to explore the places you visit and relax.

Full time travelling has never been more accessible with our seriously impressive and varied range of campervans, motorhomes and caravans at Apollo RV Sales. Take the first step towards making your dreams a reality and check out our range of RVs online today!


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