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7 Tips for Caravanning with Kids that You’ll Wish you Knew Sooner

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Caravanning with kids is a rewarding experience for both parents and children. Watching your kids gain invaluable insight into the world around them is a wonderful feeling like no other. However, as is expected, caravanning with kids also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Here are our top 7 tips for tackling those challenges like an absolute pro:

1. Dark coloured sheets

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Pictured: Windsor Genesis 220MD Family Caravan

You’ll find that your kids will like to lounge on mum and dad’s bed as well as their own. Unfortunately, after a day of exploring nature, that can often mean muddy hands, feet, clothes… in fact, it can pretty much mean muddy everything. Avoiding white or very light-coloured sheets means less laundry and less visible stains. We also recommend keeping some dark clothes and towels on hand for the adventures that are likely to result in an extra stubborn layer of dirt.

2. Save your $1 coins

Speaking of dirty clothes and linens, you’ll likely find yourself having to do a fair bit of laundry while travelling with kids. If you don’t have a washing machine in your caravan, you’ll want to save those $1 coins. Many laundromats and washing machines at caravan parks will require change so it’s always handy to keep a Tupperware container full of coins in your caravan. OR, even better, add a washing machine to your caravan as an optional extra.


3. If you’re not sure about it, don’t bring it

No matter whether you’re packing for a caravanning holiday or life on the road, it’s essential that you take an economical approach. If you’re packing and can’t decide whether you’ll need something or not, you most likely shouldn’t pack it. Caravanning with kids requires a serious ‘less is more’ approach. Besides, your kids will be too busy enjoying the great outdoors to worry about what toys they do and don’t have.


4. Take advantage of caravan park memberships

Families who are caravanning with kids enjoy staying in holiday parks since they often have entertainment options for kids, plus there’s other tots around for your kids to play with. If you’re planning on doing a combination of off-grid camping and caravan parks or even mostly caravan parks, we recommend looking into the membership options available. Often, parks like Big 4 and Family Parks offer great deals that pretty much mean you get your money back after one booking.

5. Get your kids involved in the planning

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When making your travel plans, involve your kids in the conversation and ask them where they would like to go or what they would like to visit. This will get them super excited which means you’ll likely have less complaints and a much easier time keeping your kids entertained.

6. A foldable bath tub

When buying a family caravan, a shower is a ‘must have’, particularly if you’re going to be caravanning with kids. However, having a small bath tub that you can unfold when necessary is a great way to give your kids a quick dunk and a scrub down. This is particularly useful when you’ve had a bit of a messy adventure and don’t want the little ones trekking mud through your caravan.

7. Get used to food prep

It can be tempting to put food prep off but when you’re caravanning with kids, it’ll become a real life saver. Set aside some time to cook in bulk then divide your leftovers into portions and keep them in containers in the fridge or freezer (this is where having a decent sized fridge comes in handy). This will be particularly useful on the days when you get back to your caravan after a long day of exploring and don’t feel like cooking.

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