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Which RV Bed Layout is Best for You? The Pros and Cons of Each Option

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So, you’ve decided that you’re going to buy a caravan or motorhome and now comes the really exciting part: deciding which model and layout will make the perfect home away from home. Whether you’re upgrading or buying your first RV, the layout and bedroom setup are crucial. The decision you make will influence your daily routines and habits while on the road so now’s the time to learn about the pros and cons of each option. We’ve compiled a handy guide to the different bed setups below:


An Island Bed

Windsor Genesis, Windsor Caravan, Windsor Genesis 220 MD, family caravan

Pictured: Windsor Genesis 220 MD


The Pros

Many people enjoy having a fixed bed in their RV, just as your bed at home would be, and that’s exactly what an island bed provides.  This style of bed will always have space on either side (and at the bottom) of the bed which is great because you can get in and out of your island bed from both sides which saves someone having to climb out ninja style during the night when they go to the loo.


Are there any drawbacks?

If you have a big family or you’re the kind of person who likes to entertain a lot of friends in your RV, you might want to opt for a bed layout that’s a bit more adaptable. Due to the fact that an island bed is completely fixed in place it means that space can’t be used as a lounge or for seating.


A French Bed

Adria Caravan, Adria 472PK, Adria Australia

Pictured: Adria 472 PK

The Pros

Again, the major advantage that people enjoy when it comes to a French bed is that it’s fixed in place. There’s no need to ‘pack up’ your bed every morning and ‘unpack’ it at the end of each day. Not only is this convenient, but some people also like having an area in their caravan or motorhome that’s a permanently and dedicated bedroom space.  A French Bed is also economical on space since one side is attached to the wall of your RV.


Are there any drawbacks?

When compared with an island bed, a bed with a French style layout doesn’t have the convenient accessibility on both sides since one side of the bed is fixed to the wall.


Lounge Layout

Windsor Daintree, Windsor Motorhome Windsor Daintree, Windsor Daintree Lounge Bed, Windsor Motorhome

Pictured: Windsor Daintree

The Pros

When it comes to a lounge layout there’s a few different options. You can have a drop-down bed that electronically descends and ascends over your lounge or seating area, as and when it’s needed. As far as lounge layout beds go, this is a great option because it requires so little effort. You can simply transform your motorhome or caravan at the touch of a button. You can also go for the more traditional lounge layout that often requires a bit more reshuffling of cleverly designed surfaces and cushions but is also great because it offers so much adaptability.


Overall, any kind of lounge layout is ideal for those who are looking for a caravan or motorhome that they can easily adjust to suit their needs. If you’re travelling with your kids or family, or perhaps if you just like to entertain often, you’ll likely find that the extra day time space provided by a lounge layout is invaluable.


Are there any drawbacks?

Like we already mentioned, some RVers prefer to have a more permanent bedroom set up that doesn’t require any daytime to nighttime transition. Everyone is different and everyone has different travelling styles!


Single Beds

Winnebago Motorhome, Winnebago Jervis Motorhome, Winnebago Single Bed Layout

Pictured: Winnebago Jervis


The Pros

While a single bed layout is less common, it’s the perfect option for some travellers. Instead of having a queen or double bed as your main/only bed in your caravan or motorhome, you can instead opt for an RV with two single beds. If you’re travelling with your best friend or plan on taking different travel buddies with you at different stages, you’ll want your own space and that’s exactly what a single bed layout provides. It’s also worth noting that since Australia is such a hot and humid country, some couples even end up opting for a single bed layout so they can stay a bit cooler during the summer nights. Some single bed layouts will also offer a bit more usable free space in your motorhome or caravan.


Are there any drawbacks?

A single bed layout will only suit certain travellers. If you’re a cuddler, a single bed layout may not be for you.


At Apollo RV Sales we offer our customers campervans, motorhomes and caravans from RV industry leaders. Our vast range of brands and models means that you're guaranteed to discover your dream RV at Apollo RV Sales with a layout that ticks all of your boxes. If you have any questions about what we have to offer get in touch with our friendly team today or give us a call on 1800825867 for a free consultation. 


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